The people we look for share in our vision and values, and seek a work environment that is both professionally and personally rewarding.

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Focus on Results

Flexibility and Effectiveness

Learning Orientation


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We are committed to implementing cutting-edge technology, by having the latest software and equipment available, and if need be, customised solutions best suited for us to deliver superior results to our clients and business partners. We recognise the benefits this can bring to both our people and our clients. Every one of our staff is trained in the firm's procedure, systems, and software.

Performance Appraisal / Development

LWC has a thorough performance management strategy. Employees receive regular feedback on performance, and assistance in setting personal and corporate objectives. Learning & Development is critical, and comprehensive development programs are tailored to the individual needs of each employee. 

The Team

While we employ a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and with varying interests, we have a consistent philosophy regarding our approach to clients and to our people. We foster a team approach, while respecting individual differences. People are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences, and to develop their own niche within the firm.


We understand that our people have families and a life outside work. We understand when our employees wish to have a balanced lifestyle.


Every employee at LWC  is responsible for upholding the firm's Core Values, and for making the work environment exciting, challenging, diverse and interactive.

Access to Partners and Management

Partners are readily accessible to offer advice or assistance when required. Employees are encouraged to set goals and challenge themselves - with the comfort of knowing support is there if needed.

What we look for

We look for people who are ready to challenge their own personal limits and capabilities in an intellectually stimulating environment. We employ a diverse selection of people, with a range of backgrounds, skills, interests and competencies. We look for people who can contribute new ideas, and who have a creative approach to problem solving, people who have the following qualities:

A focus on results, who can drive a task or project through to completion

Flexibility, and the ability to maintain effectiveness while adjusting to a changing work environment

A learning orientation, who actively seek new ideas and different perspectives

Adeptness at building relationships with both clients and peers, to facilitate the achievement of work goals

Leadership, with the ability to provide guidance, feedback and direction to individuals

Our people have expert skills and experience in the full-scope of commercial legal practice, including:

Property and Conveyancing

Corporate and Commercial

Banking and Financial Services

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


As part of our commitment to employee development and growth, we offer a number of opportunities for junior employees, with entry-level and part-time positions in areas such as Office Services, Records and Supplies and Finance.



For the 4th Quarter 2005 intake (Oct-Dec 2005), we are currently looking for suitably qualified people to fill the following position(s):

Pupil in Chambers and/or Attachment Student



Please apply by submitting your full resume (indicating to us also the position applied for) to:, or by mail to:

Liew Chambers

Suite 1.01 Level 1

Straits Trading Building

No. 2 Lebuh Pasar Besar

50050 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.

Tel: 603 2697 1088 Fax: 603 2697 1099