We are client and value focused and committed to serving our clients to the highest possible standards of quality while adding value to our clients. We believe and adopt the principles of excellence, integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness, and strive to enhance the economic well-being and quality of life of all we serve. Building upon a tradition of high moral values, mutual respect and professionalism, we constantly endeavor to improve through innovation, technology, shared vision and co-operation with our clients.



are passionate about helping our clients be more competitive.

adopt  a ‘can do‘ approach to law practice. We do more than help our clients manage risk; we provide practical and innovative solutions that improve our clients' business performance.

believe that discipline and strict adherence to ettiquette rules that govern the profession enables us deliver our service with the highest level of professionalism.

are easy to work with because we work collaboratively with our clients, their  colleagues, affiliates and team members of any particular assignment. Our social skills enable us to tactfully sell our idea and game plan in order to achieve the objectives set by our clients.

know that technical excellence is not enough - we ensure our people are accessible, responsive and empathetic to our clients’ needs. Our clients know that we emphasize integrity and honesty in our dealings.

know or seek to study thoroughly our clients' businesses and industries to  ensure that our services are delivered in context. We provide business solutions, not just technical legal advice. We apply business pragmatism and responsiveness to the resolution of our  clients' problems.

take seriously our responsibility to our local community. On a case to case basis depending on individual need, we may provide pro bono services to those who might otherwise miss out.



With influence in Malaysia and abroad, Liew Chambers enjoys an expansive local and international platform. We provide our clients with the strength of this reach and a commitment to both local and cross-border service and responsiveness. Liew Chambers is a leader in our core areas of focus –  Corporate and Commercial Law, Property Transactions and Real Estate, Financial Services, and Technology.

Teams that work.

Every part of our practice is client focused. We ensure that we deliver exemplary service at every level and that the relationships we share with our clients remain strong and mutually beneficial.

Our partners and where necessary client teams that we establish are interdisciplinary and often span the globe. Teams meet regularly to review activities and discuss developments and issues affecting our clients’ business, as well as to scrutinize the team's own performances. The model helps us stay nimble and innovative. In addition to delivering outstanding legal services, teams are particularly effective at helping to control costs, responding to client requests for alternative billing arrangements and monitoring legal and industry developments of relevance to our clients. 

We know our clients and their business.

Liew Chambers' lawyers and partners listen. We keep stride with industry trends and think as business people. We are counselors, advisors and confidants to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Malaysia and abroad. Our relationships with local and internationally-based financial institutions, insurance companies, venture capitalists, investment banks, and others provide our clients with a network of expertise, market intelligence and access.

Our people.

We understand that extraordinary service begins with highly motivated professionals. Our goal is to attract and retain the most talented professionals and to make the firm one of the finest places to work. Liew Chambers has implemented ambitious and unique programs to give all of our lawyers and professional staff the tools they need to take charge of their careers and elevate our client service to new heights.


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